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Bydand Security consists of Special Forces, Military  and police  Trained Operatives, with extensive experience within the close protection sector and other related fields.

Our executive management team bring decades of professional experience, knowledge and skill-sets to create and develop operational procedures tailored to support the protection needs and expectations of our clients.
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Our Senior Management have years of expertise and experience in the military and security industry. Our unique synergy of experience enables us to carry out our duties effectively, without disturbance or obstruction to the client, maintain their security and protection.

We are dedicated to being the best in our profession, constantly developing new strategies and tactical procedures to maintain our reputation for diversity and success in every aspect of our operational conduct around the world. 

Our clients, many of whom operate within corporate, remote or hostile environments have all recognised the importance of dealing with one security provider that is capable of addressing all their specific security needs.

Becoming a client of Bydand Security  provides you with total reassurance that a team of experienced professionals are on hand to assist and support, whenever and where ever required.

Founded by a former member of the British Special Forces who acknowledged the security concerns voiced by individuals and corporations who required security whilst going about their lives. Bydand was established to provide a range of close protection and security focused services. These specialist roles are carried out by a select group of experienced professionals in order to deliver the standard of service required in order to uphold standards, maintain the continues development of the company and exceeding the expectations of our clients.


Since 2000, our highly experienced talented team works hard everyday to provide the best services for our clients.

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Experienced, military veteran with 26 years service before continuing his career in the commercial sector. Mark is a great believer in supporting the veterans community  and with this you will find the majority of his staff are veterans.

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Experienced, trustworthy, humble. These are just a few of the words to describe this valuable member of our company. James is truly a joy to be around and is a pleasure to work with he is someone the team look up-to and always with a positive outlook on life.



Since our foundation, Karima has been one of our proud team members and now is our chief finance officer. We’re thankful for the many years of experience and skills Karima brings to the forefront in helping our business grow and evolve. She is truly the back bone pushing the company forward



An integral team member focused on developing our company’s strategic initiatives. Doni is a skilled communicator ensuring that our corporate plans are executed with precision and implemented strategies are effectively sustained in order to maximise our business development. He is a visionary with an enthusiasm for  innovation and progress.



Lucas excels at designing exceptional e-learning content for our commercial and business clients. With years of experience in E-learning content development, Lucas not only delivers a quality product, but also manages the technical implementation of our E-learning courses.

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