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Active Threat awareness, incident response, and workplace violence. In many cases, there is no pattern or method to the selection of victims by an active Threat, and these situations by their very nature are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Bydand offers courses, materials, and workshops to better prepare you to deal with an Active Threat situation and to raise awareness of behaviors that represent pre-incident indicators


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We understand the challenges that organisation may have in training their employees to be security aware. We also understand that time away from the desk can have an impacted in business development and being non-cost effective to the organisation. Therefore, opting for eLearning as a solution in training your employees saves money on travel expenses, accommodation and time away from your workplace. It allows your organisation the opportunity to train larger numbers of employees at one time without the need of training centers or bringing trainers to your venue. 

We understand that companies and organisations have a responsibility of Duty of Care to ensure the safety and security of all their employees, contractors and visitors alike within the workplace therefore E-Learning is the most effective way to train your employees this minimizing the disruption of the workplace and giving your employees the security awareness required to understand threat situation. 

This interactive E-learning training maintains productivity in the workplace and allows your employees to learn at their own pace and in their own time this not interfering with the stress of their work commitments as a distraction. The training infights the learner into a scenario allowing them to make their own decisions on how they may act during any situation. The training should take about 45 minutes with a quiz laid out in sections of the course to enhance the learning outcome. 

We understand all companies have Policies, procedures and continence plans in place, Training of your employees is a key element to insure these policies and procedures are effective in the time of a crisis. Training should be updated frequently to address changing scenarios. Planning, preparation and personal security training are essential elements for maintaining the well-being of your employees and company assets. E-learning assists in this training allowing your organisation to train large numbers of employee at one time and being able to keep up with new security procedure in a timely and effective manor. 

In today’s global economy places of mass gathering and in some cases an attacker making a political statement by injuring or killing an individual the threat continues to bring a number of security challenges for our governments and security forces alike. Therefore we have developed a number of awareness courses to help combat the risk in the way of Interactive E-Learning (online / distance learning) course to prepare individuals to be more aware and ready to respond if such an attack where to take place around them. These courses are designed for the learners to be interactive at the same time giving them food for thought on how they may respond if an attack where to take place. An active threat can occur at anyplace and at any time and is not always with a firearm as the primary weapon. persons working in office facilities and confined places continue to be an attractive target for religious and political extremists, as well as disgruntled or mentally unstable individuals. 

Armed attacks have been occurring more frequently around the world and will continue to occur in crowded places such as shopping malls, offices, sporting venues, transportation entertainment venues and as lately the streets we walk on. All key areas that the attacker can pose maximum effect to their victims. We may not be able to prevent such attacks from happening however we should be prepared to react and respond if it were to occur these courses help you become more aware.   

Government and private sector stakeholders should work cooperatively to ensure that integrated and effective plans and arrangements are in place to prevent or reduce the impact of such incidents. 

These E-learning Awareness training programs are relevant for individuals seeking to have a better understanding of threats that they be faced with giving them the knowledge to react effectively during an incident, staff members would then be in a position to assist in the preparation and response to any crisis if one were to occur.    


The E-learning awareness training courses insures the individual understands the: develop awareness about their personal situation and surroundings in time of a crisis. This training will help you understand potential threats and assist you in developing a plan on how to respond if there were to occur. this training gives you the key information as well as actions you may consider to adapt during a threat scenario. The topics include: being prepared, being alert what action you may conceder and what response you take and how to recover after an incident has occurred. 



  • Hospital medical staff

  • Office Staff 

  • Sporting event Staff

  • Shopping mall Staff 

  • Schools and universities   

  • Journalist, Media 

  • All Non-Government Organisations (NGO's) 

  • Government Organisations  

  • Business Travelers

  • Security organisations 


  • Active Threat 

  • Situation Awareness

  • Bomb Threat Awareness 

  • Suspicious Mail Awareness 

  • International Traveler Awareness

  • Situational understanding 

  • Operational situation Awareness 

  • Medical First Responder    

We  are able to deliver a range of security and medical training E-Learning courses to insure your employees and organisations have the best opportunities to be ready during a crisis situation. We also have available physical in-depth classroom based courses if your organisation requires key personal to have a better understanding of security procedures with the use of table top exercises and hands on interactive workshops that can be designed to suit your requirements.     

The interactive e-Learning training can be taken as a stand-alone course for employees or bundled package with other Security e-learning course such as Suspicious Mail Awareness Training (SMAT), Bomb Threat Awareness Training (BTAT), Active Threat Awareness Training (ATAT), Situation Awareness Training (SAT), the combination of these courses will make up the Suspicious Workplace Awareness Training (SWAT) and will set your employees with a sound knowledge of security threats assisting them in their situation awareness insuring the workplace is a safer environment to be. 


  • Plan and prepare prior for a threat situation.

  • Action you may conceder

  • You will have an understanding how to report an incident

  • How to respond to emergence services 


  • You may purchase a course / licence for another person. Please enter their details accurately during the checkout process (we cannot be responsible for type errors). 

  • Once you have enrolled on the course, we will not be able to issue any refunds. 

  • The course must be completed within 30 days from initial enrolment, after this time the licence expires.

  • Enrolment is completed during the checkout process. 

  • Auto Save Function, progress saves throughout the course. 

  • Login as often as you want during enrolment period. 

  • Progress is monitored and recorded throughout. 

  • Please make sure you have a good internet connection as we cannot be responsible for slow speed or buffering. 


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