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Jake is a seasoned security professional with extensive experience in ensuring the safety and security of premises, personnel, and assets. With a diverse background spanning multiple roles in security management, Jake brings a wealth of expertise in risk assessment, surveillance, emergency response, and fire safety.

Jake's professional journey includes roles such as Patrolling Security Officer, where he conducts periodic patrols off internal and external premises, utilising surveillance equipment and monitoring systems to secure premises and personnel. He responds to emergencies, sounds alarms, and provides assistance to employees and customers as necessary, while meticulously documenting observations and incidents, including fire safety responses.

in his past role as the Head Security Guard at SSI Security and Chief Security since 2018, Jake has been instrumental in maintaining a safe and secure environment for customers and employees. His responsibilities include vigilant patrolling, monitoring, and collaborating with venue leadership to implement safety protocols effectively, including fire safety measures.

At Secure Corp Security since 2018, Jake demonstrated a commitment to diversity and professionalism while ensuring a safe environment for patrons and staff. His strong surveillance skills, composure in high-stress situations, and collaboration with colleagues uphold security standards and protocols, including fire safety response procedures.

Jake possesses a range of skills, including risk and threat assessments, security planning,  proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel for documentation and reporting, experience in CCTV monitoring, alarm systems, and system control, as well as strong judgment, objectivity, and emotional control in high-pressure situations. His excellent communication and interpersonal skills further enhance his effectiveness in the security sector.ecurity field, including fire safety communication and response.

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