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Selwyn Turner 

Chief Events Security Coordinator 

Selwyn is a seasoned security professional with a wealth of experience in various facets of the security sector. with over two decades of dedicated service, welwyn has established himself as a trusted leader in security management, particularly in the role of event security coordination and advisory.

Currently serving as the Chief Events Security Coordinator for Bydand, Selwyn plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and security of major events. in this capacity, he oversees the planning, coordination, and execution of security operations for a diverse range of events, ranging from large-scale public gatherings to high-profile corporate range of events, ranging from large-scale public gatherings to high-profile corporate functions. 

With his extensive background in security management, Selwyn brings a strategic and proactive approach to event security. he is highly skilled in identifying potential risks and threats, conducting thorough risk assessments, and developing comprehensive security plans tailored to the unique requirements of each event. 

Selwyn's leadership and expertise have been instrumental in successfully managing security operations for numerous events hosted by Bydand. His ability to coordinate with internal teams, external stakeholders, and local authorities ensure seamless collaboration and effective security measures throughout the event lifecycle. 

in addition to his role at Bydand, Selwyn has held key positions in close protection and covert surveillance operations, further enriching his knowledge abreast of industry best practices make him a valuable asset to the organisation and the broader security community. 

Selwyn is passionate about safeguarding public safety and protecting assets, and he continues to demonstrate his unwavering commitment to enhancing event security standards and practices. 


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