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An integral senior team member focused on developing our company’s strategic initiatives. Doni is a skilled communicator ensuring that our corporate plans are executed with precision and implemented strategies are effectively sustained in order to maximise our business development. He is a visionary with an enthusiasm for  innovation and progress.

Doni is Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer at Bydand Security. As Chief Strategy Officer, Mr. Marinovic is responsible for collaborating with the Company’s divisional general managers on 

defining strategy that drives innovation for clients, pursuing new strategic markets and business adjacencies, and building partnerships with world market providers.

Prior to his role as Chief Strategy Officer, Mr. Marinovic served as CEO of a chain of restaurants leading and engineering, product development, product management, sales, channels and product marketing teams.  

A twenty six-year veteran in the Business and procurment industry, Mr. Marinovic has led strategy and product direction for supporting Bydand clients with their requirements, including support of there operations and building a clear direction to market. 

Mr. Marinovic's service at Bydand has included global roles in leading Bydand into different markets away from security thus establishing the Company’s flexibility and diversity in Global operations. 

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