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James McIlroy is Head of Operations within Bydand Security Solutions Ltd. An Organization dedicated to bringing high end security back to the Security Industry with the use of Military and Police Veterans with employees based worldwide. 

Mr McIlroy finished a distinguished career in the Royal Regiment of Artillery as a Late Entry (LE) Officer, employed as the Regimental Career Management Officer (RCMO) within 14th Training Regiment, Royal Artillery based in Larkhill. 

Mr McIlroy is diligent, enthusiastic, hardworking and proactive. A team player who is motivated and focused, with excellent judgement and communication skills and a sense of humour. 


Before becoming RCMO, Mr McIlroy was selected for appointment as the Regimental Sergeant Major in 19 Regiment Royal Artillery, The Highland Gunners between 2010 and 2012. The Core Values of the Army still play a huge part in his life and shape everything he sets task to.

Decorated and dedicated, Mr. McIlroy gained his leadership knowledge and experiences whilst serving 25 years in the Military. Serving in Operational Theatres throughout the world in the most hostile and diverse regions.

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