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L2 Award in international Stewarding 

L2 Award in International Stewarding

Who is the intended audience for this qualification?

This qualification is tailored for individuals aspiring to work as stewards in the Active Leisure, Learning, and Well-being sector, encompassing events such as sports, music festivals, concerts, parades, or carnivals. It equips learners with the skills to prepare for events, manage customer entry and exit, address crowd-related issues, and respond effectively to emergencies.

What is the expected time frame to complete this qualification?

Typically, this qualification is attained through a comprehensive 10-day classroom-based course.

What subjects are covered in this qualification?

This qualification encompasses the following key subjects:

  • Event preparation for spectators

  • Assisting in the movement of spectators and handling crowd-related matters at events

  • Contributing to conflict management and resolution

  • Managing incidents at spectator events

  • Supporting the collaborative efforts of your team and organisation.

How is the qualification evaluated?

Assessment for this qualification is conducted through a multiple-choice examination. This exam spans a duration of 2 hours and comprises 70 questions. Learners who correctly answer a minimum of 46 questions will be awarded a pass, while those who answer a minimum of 56 questions accurately will earn a distinction.

Where can one pursue this course?

This course can be undertaken at any location.

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