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Lucas is a Senior Instructional designer within the Bydand Training and Development department he is a Leader with extensive experience working at all organizational levels creating, promoting, and supporting the delivery of Bydand’s blended learning approach to training solutions, designed to support organisation’s training requirements.  


Lucas is passionate about creating an interactive and enjoyable environment that supports learning and uses this as his focus when developing e-learning courses.  Most recently, Lucas was e-learning course developer There he built the strategic training courses for clients wishing to invest in the employees’ training standards. 


Lucas was brought into this role as Senior Instructional designer to facilitate and manage the training development staff to ensure customer satisfaction on their training outcomes.  He was quickly offered a full-time role with Bydand and helped mould the Bydand Training Department “from the ground up” leading functions such as budgeting, staffing, training needs assessment, and design and planning.


Lucas ensures the discipline of designing instructionally sound learning materials. As the instructional designer he has a keen eye to look at information and synthesize it to extract what’s most important and relevant to the learner, and clients’ needs to then present that information in a way that will help the learner retain the knowledge. With his instructional design skills, he can sift through all of the clients training content and separate out what will actually improve the learner’s knowledge and skills. At the end of the day, separating the “need-to-know” from the “nice-to-know” is why most organizations create e-learning in the first place.

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