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Oil and Gas Solutions

Identify - Communicate - Develop - Secure - Establish

At Bydand Security Solutions we understand the highly complex logistics within the Oil, Gas & Mineral Industries. From identifying locations of new sites to investigating the suitability of exact locations for the implementation of infrastructure. It is essential to have the support of specialist security personnel that are able to advise on logistical movements and provide protection against all aspects of criminal activity such as theft, sabotage, arson and in some circumstances protecting personnel against extortion, kidnap and ransom.

With the enormous amount of resources required to carry out such projects it is paramount that you choose a security provider that can deliver the level of service that you require without you having to question the ability, efficiency or effectiveness of the operations team that are assigned to task. When and where required we are able to offer security training, developing the skill sets and creating employment within the local communities.

As a third party, we will liaise with all involved, opening negotiations and addressing any concerns in order to establish and build professional working relationships, creating a line of communication, trust and cooperation between groups that otherwise are not able to do so. Liaising between opposing organisations ables us to assess and manage risk more effectively so that a safe, secure operational environment is established. 


  • Vulnerability & Assessment study of Country and Environment of Operation

  • Scientific, Executive Advance Escort Protection 

  • Pre - camp Armed Static Security 

  • Intelligence Gathering and Disaster Planning 

  • Remote Electronic Security Systems and Access Control 

  • Transportation Under Armed Security (Rail, Air & Sea) 

  • Emergency response teams 

  • On site relations and Security manager 

  • Executive & employee travel protection 

  • Dedicated armed site security teams