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Finding Inspiration in your training

Bydand Security is a trusted provider of top-tier security courses. With experienced instructors, industry recognition, and a practical training approach, Bydand ensures you receive high-quality education. Their tailored programs and commitment to staying current make them an excellent choice for anyone seeking a career in security.

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Courses Overview

list of Highfield courses:

  1. Highfield L3 CP Course - SIA compliant (18 days) without First Aid 

  2. Close Protection and Highfield L3 Emergency Care for First Responders Course (23 days) 

  3. Highfield L2 CP Top-up Course - SIA compliant (6 days) 

  4. Highfield L3 First Aid at Work Course (3 days) 

  5. Highfield L3 Emergency Care for First Responders (5 days)

  6. Highfield L2 Private Security Officer Course (5 days)

  7. Highfield L2 Door Supervisor Course (6 days)


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