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The structure of Bydand Security Solutions consists of Special Forces Trained Operatives with extensive experience within the protection sector and other related fields. Our Executive Management Team bring decades of professional experience, knowledge and skill-sets to create and develop operational procedures tailored to support the security needs and expectations of our clients.


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We carry out our services with complete and total transparency so that our professional conduct and

                                                                honesty is never questionable.


My wife and I have lived in our house in The Bishops Avenue for over forty years. We bought up our Family there and always felt relatively safe with a decent alarm system, connected to the company, electric gates and CCTV around the house and inside.

Last year we were asleep in bed at 1:30 am when my wife woke me up as there was a tremendous loud crash noise. She said there is someone in the house. Within seconds four men dressed in black with balaclavas burst into our bedroom. One was holding a hatchet. Our alarm was ringing. I don’t wish to go into too much detail but my wife was beaten up and so was I. They got a good haul of jewellery including ripping my wife’s ring off her finger whilst waving the hatchet. We were both terrified. Armed police arrived within minutes having been alerted by our alarm company but they were too late. The CCTV showed the intruders were in and out in around three minutes.

I have now appointed Bydand to sort out better CCTV, which they will monitor 24/7, and who have made several security suggestions which we have implemented. Being only a few houses away their ex-special forces men can be at our house in seconds. They are also regularly patrolling on foot and by car. My wife, Family and myself feel far more secure with this now in place as for many months we have been very frightened just being in the house

In our dealings with them we have found them to be completely professional and we are aware they provide security including bodyguards for some extremely wealthy people.

I would recommend you speak to them.

House owner in The Bishops Avenue.