Supporting those who Served

The Security Provider You Can Depend On

Bydand Security Consultants supports our Veterans and assists in job placing them after there service is completed.

Former Military and Police Veterans have skills and capabilities that are in high demand in the civilian workforce. They are strong leaders, resilient, motivated and experienced.

They have demonstrated loyalty, courage and commitment and are proven problem-solvers.

The range of qualities acquired by our Veterans through their military and police service and training are valuable to civilian employers.

Their talents are easily transferable between military and civilian life.

Where others may see victims, we see victors. The best of the best!

 $1 of each hour one of our Veterans is employed goes back in to supporting Veteran Charities 


A Little About VST

VST are passionate about helping our veterans and subsequently make this there number one priority; not only in providing employment advice and opportunities, but also assisting and supporting health and wellbeing issues surrounding veterans.

VST staff are not doctors, nor are they psychological experts; however, there findings are from talking with people who have found themselves faced with difficult situations and attempting to understand the effects this had on them. VST feel they can assist with the mental health issues within our veteran community by focusing on FOUR core subjects which they believe may be the underlined issues of most of our veterans.

These core issues being: Brain changes, Physical Health, Life Circumstances and Drug and Alcohol abuse. All of which we believe contributes to stress and depression throughout our veteran community.

VST will focus on these four core elements in an attempt to assist our veterans to help reduce the stress and depression they can experience after leaving the service. The changes we deliver are all life style changes and not medically supported.  


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