Bydand VIP Protection

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We understand that International Executives, Development Staff and VIP’s face increasingly complex security concerns in modern day society therefore, we offer a bespoke service accordingly. All our Close Protection Officers are either former members of UK Special Forces, Military, Police or from Professional Security backgrounds. They are all licensed to carry out their specific role in accordance with the legislation stipulated by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

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Our Operatives can be deployed individually or as a team. Their expertise include travel and logistical planning, crisis management and emergency coordination, with complete integrity, discretion and professional conduct.

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The Right Operative For The Task

Our teams are assembled to meet the clients individual requirements and careful consideration is given during selection of an operatives suitability for the task and operational environment in question.


We Will Remain

In every aspect of our clients safety, security and reputation we are able to advise, support and protect, regardless of the severity of hostile action imposed against them. We remain steadfast, abiding, faithful & enduring from beginning to end

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Finding Solutions & Achieving Excellence

Our Director, who is a former member of the British Special Forces has set out the criteria and standard required by all operatives associated with Bydand. His unique methods and training techniques are designed and developed to effectively counter and eliminate threat if and when hostile action presents itself. These methods are adaptable to both civilian and hostile environments throughout the world and are the foundations of which are operational procedures are based.