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Oil, Gas & Energy Safety & Security

As criminal and motivated piracy and terrorists threats are on the rise Bydand Advisors assist in keeping clients, employees and there information and assets well protected.


Our Oil and Gas specialist are here to ensure safety to personnel that are allowed access to restricted zones on rigs and understand that security must be tight although freedom of movement is to be allowed for all company personnel and contractors.

We offer complete solutions to security breaches whether it be pipelines that are most popular to terrorist attacks in countries such as Iraq, India and Russia, or protection to the transporting of oil by sea through choke-points in the Strait of Malacca.

Our security operations are run either onshore or offshore whether it is a Sea, Land or Air rig using short or long range tracking solutions.

Services provided include but are but not limited to:

  • Specialist Advisors who are highly professional with industry leading training

  • Occupational Health and Safety Audits

  • 24/7 Operational Centre

  • Threat and Risk Assessment

  • Diving Support


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The production of Oil, Gas or Mineral is a major logistical operation from locating and investigating new sites to the movement and implementation of camps. It takes an enormous amount of resources to implement such sites and in the past many companies have relied on a sound cloak of security to prevent theft of equipment, extortion, sabotage and kidnapping of work force or executives.

We at Bydand Security understand the process of this industry and have enforced major security measures to aid in a successful smooth operation.

The services that we provided can be joint or independent depending on the threat faced. We utilize a cooperative security force, which generates not only good local relations but also enables a cost-effective answer to the needs of the contracting client. 

  • Vulnerability & Assessment study of area 

  • Scientific, Executive advance escort protection 

  • Pre – camp armed static security 

  • Intelligence and Disaster planning 

  • Remote electronic security systems and Access control 

  • Transportation armed security (Rail, Air & Sea) 

  • Emergency response teams 

  • On site relations and Security manager 

  • Executive & employee travel protection 

  • Dedicated armed site security teams 


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The increase in white-collar crime has seen corporate and business security budgets stretched to the limits.

Bydand Security tests your security measures and protocols in order to provide a thorough appraisal. This is achieved by placing undercover teams or individuals in the workplace and arranging test audits. 

  • Physical overt & covert methods of entry 

  • Intelligence gathering 

  • Information technology security and access systems testing 

  • Communications delivery and support 

  • Contingency & crisis operating procedure practices 

  • Employee integrity, loyalty, screening, assessments and evaluations 

  • Technical surveillance counter measures 

  • Routine contingencies (fire, bomb, kidnapping & even power failure)

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