Doni Jure Marinovic


An integral member of the Resilience Wing Management Team focused on developing the groups strategic initiatives. Doni is a skilled communicator ensuring that all corporate plans are executed with precision and implemented strategies are effectively sustained in order to maximise business development. He is a visionary with an enthusiasm for  innovation and progress."

As a Consultant within the Resiliency wing Doni oversees strategy and innovation of new markets, channels and offerings. As part of the executive team Doni provides leadership on strategy and growth for global business. Areas of scope include business negotiation, logistical movements, investigations solutions and marketing partners.

Doni has years of experience undertaking due diligence of asset managers across a range of asset classes and ongoing monitoring, portfolio analysis, origination of suitable investments and structuring of solutions.

An expert in research and disseminate new trends and ideas of relevance and interest to clients with an analytical and detail oriented mindset, strong writing, spoken and communication skills, Doni ensures that all projects and undertakings  are secured from end to end.