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“In these difficult and trying COVID-19 (C-19) times BYDAND is proud and honoured to be able to help and use its fantastic connections to deliver support to Individuals, Companies, Institutions and States. BYDAND has brought together experts with decades of experience in solving problems. These operators have agreed to work with BYDAND to deliver urgently needed medical equipment. They do the due diligence and represent clients to ensure their vital requests are safely and securely sourced, verified and delivered.

These individuals will use their global network to find trusted partners to deliver and exclude the fakes and profiteers. This critical service will remain a component of BYDAND for as long as it is needed. All enquires on this specialist subject should be directed to Chief of strategy on email: 

The profiles of these specialists are shown below but behind them are a vast network of trusted supporters who have been verified by BYDAND and comprise of world class business leaders with access to vast resources including equipment and freight capabilities so we can source the Medical Equipment and get it shipped in an efficient and  productive manner.

Doni Jure Marinovic


James Stuart



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