Our skilled team of professionals are the foundations of Bydand Security Solution Ltd. 
Our Operators are all experienced veterans from Military, Police and Security Service backgrounds. Having this experience insures a highly motivated and dedicated team with the know how to support your security needs.



Residential Security Officer 

Duane served 3 years in the British Army with the Royal engineers assigned to 36 search Maidstone.
Serving with the Royal engineers has enabled Duane to develop skills that he has brought with him into the security sector. Since leaving the military he has provided protection for government buildings and high profile events. He is now a security officer, protecting the residence of high net worth clients. Duane has a positive attitude towards difficult circumstances and has established himself as a valuable team member.


Residential Security Officer 

Paul served 32 years in the British Army and made rank of WO2 which he held for five years, 14 years in the Coldstream Guards and 18 years in the Royal Electrical, Mechanical Engineers (REME) He has also completed 5 operational tours. During Pauls Military Career his role as a Phase 1 & 2 Instructor has involved the training and development of soldiers and officer selection. Paul is still an active reservist in the British Army whilst working with the team at Bydand. Becoming a reservist has enabled Paul to develop a career in the security sector, providing protection for sports personalities, private high net worth clients and blue chip companies. Paul is of great character, a pleasure to work with and has established himself as a respected valuable asset to the Bydand team.



Residential Security Officer

Darren served 10 years in the British Army with the Scots Guards, during which he completed two operational tours of Afghanistan. Darren was part of a Counter Explosives Search Team whose role was to ensure safe passage of military personnel by identifying and highlighting Improvised Explosive Devices that had been placed along routes being used by British Forces. His duties also included searching vehicles, buildings and personnel in order to eliminate or identify potential threat to his fellow soldiers. Darren also specialised in Communications and has supported missions carried out by special forces, by providing secure outer perimeters enabling special forces to carry out task without concern of imposed threats.
On leaving the military Darren then went on to start his new career in the private security sector, providing Close Protection for international sports personnel. He is now a valued member of the team at Bydand Security and is able to adapt his wealth of experience to the services that we provide.


Residential Security Officer

Experienced, trustworthy, and Hardworking, These are just a few of the ways to describe this valuable member of our team. Brendan .



Residential Security Officer 

Mike served 10 years in the British Army. During this time he completed three operational tours around the world and achieved rank of Sergeant. On leaving the Army in 2007 he qualified as a Close Protection Operative and went on to work for Celebrity Figures and Diplomatic Personnel. Mike is now a Residential Security Officer with Bydand Security.


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