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Head pf Security

James served 25 years with The Royal Regiment Artillery (RA) and ended his service as a Captain (LE). It didn’t take long for James to make an impact on the Bydand Team. Professionalism to a tee, great leadership and a positive outlook. He is a true asset to the growth of the Bydand Security Team.


Head of Operations & Consultancy

Dean served 22 years with Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and ended his service as a W02. Dean has been with us since our founding and is one of our proud veteran team members. We are appreciative of the many years of knowledge and experience he brings to the forefront of our organisation. His skill set has played a major part in the growth and development of our business model.

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Head of Investigations & Surveillance

Cliff served with the RAF Police for six years and twelve years in H M Prison Service. He is also a member of the British Ambulance Association Committee and has extensive experience as the Director of Operations for mental Health Services. His dedication to his work and attention to detail are just some of the characteristics of this trustworthy, valuable member of our team.


Head of Close Protection & Training

John began his career in the private security sector in 2005. He has successfully protected  and advised clients on personal and commercial security concerns as well as managing large security teams and operations. Johns extensive knowledge and years of experience is invaluable to to the team and the structure of the organisation.

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