John Potter

Head of Close Protection & Training

John Potter is a Personal Protection Officer and part of the management team for Bydand Security, who has over 15 Years experience within his field. Johns understanding of confidentiality and level of professional conduct is beyond reproach and is well referenced throughout his career. 

He has lead teams protecting various Principals such as Public Figures to Private Families, against the intensity of media intrusion, threats of violence or risk to residence and assets.

John has extensive experience in operating under extremely complex and sensitive circumstances. Providing security and reassurance on behalf of local authorities to ensure the safety of vulnerable persons and victims of serious crime, that have been placed at significant risk of physical harm or abduction, for reasons beyond their control.

Applying a calm and diverse approach to his work enables John to adapt quickly and effectively in the event of crisis or unforeseen circumstance.

John has personal interests in martial arts and is well versed in multiple disciplines, acquired over a period of 25 years.


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