Head of Operations

Mr Gibbs served 22 years in the British Army. During this time he completed five operational tours around the world two which as a tank commander, taking the role of maintaining tactical awareness and professionalism within his troop to ensure mission success in some of the most hostile enviroments. Mr Gibbs achieved the rank of Warrant officer class 2. On leaving the Army in 2013 Mr Gibbs qualified as a close protection Operative. In order to incorporate his military training within the role of a protection officer he successfully completed further firearms and Maritime Security training in order for him to carry out protective duties within hostel environments.For two years Mr Gibbs then operated in the middle east as a Maritime Security Operative successfully preventing a pirate attack from boarding the vessel he was protecting. Mr Gibbs is now a Protection Officer and member of the management team at Bydand Security, adapting his skills and sharing his experience, contributing to the continous development of the company.


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