Covert Surveillance and Investagation

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Get this service done quickly and efficiently by the experts here at Bydand Security Solutions. We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to the service we provide. Our dedicated staff invests the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns our clients may have.

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Our highly experienced Surveillance specialists identify and respond to a wide variety of security challenges that arise wherever our clients are located.


Professional Services

Our surveillance teams are advised by our strong legal team whilst working within extreme environments and are therefore acutely aware of local and international laws and conventions.

Bydand take the time to understand your surveillance requirements and work closely with your security team to develop a program that fits your needs. Operations differ due to location, political stability and criminal involvement therefore, Bydand assess the risks and apply our professional services using advanced and current up to date technologies.


Bydand provide highly qualified and experienced covert surveillance teams to suit our client’s requests. This may be to gain intelligence or to obtain evidence of any terrorist threats, criminal activity or unauthorised activity.

The evidence gathered may be used in legal proceedings or solely for intelligence purposes.  

In addition to Covert Surveillance, Bydand operate teams past the initial point of contact and follow through gathering intelligence and evidence all the way to the main protagonists and ringleaders.  Bydand’s operators have successfully planned, implemented and conducted surveillance operations leading to numerous successful results.


Bydand Anti and Counter Surveillance team advise our clients on a series of techniques that detect any surveillance imposed on their company and personnel.  These techniques can be difficult to detect by the surveillance team and if done correctly may provide valuable time and gives the upper hand to its clients.
Counter Surveillance is the use of a 3rd party to identify or confirm surveillance against a briefed individual or team. Bydand conduct counter surveillance at any stage during the surveillance cycle and look for two basic areas of behavior, firstly suspicious activity in and around the area of the subject and secondly the collation of repeat activity in and around the subject.


Bydand’s Covert Corporate Surveillance teams are here to assist high-end personnel and companies by gathering intelligence and evidence on individuals committing fraud, theft and a wide range of criminal offences using background and intensive security checks. Companies and Individuals lose millions of pounds annually on fraud, physical thefts and intellectual property thefts and are turning to private surveillance to prevent such occurrences. 
Bydand provides turnkey solutions and advice to our high-end personnel and corporations to illuminate the risks involved ensuring our client the highest level of confidentiality using the latest technology and techniques obtained by our experienced Surveillance teams.


The Technical Surveillance Counter Measures team Confirm or Deny the presence of any intrusive surveillance devices within specified areas and if necessary, removes those identified. 
Bydand provides a comprehensive and cutting edge Technical Surveillance Counter Measures inspection and security review in order to provide the proactive protection of information and assets.  This is provided through the deployment of experienced technical operators alongside the most up-to-date detection equipment.


Bydand has wireless security experts that have a comprehensive understanding of technology, threats, exploits, and the defensive techniques along with hands-on expertise in evaluating and attacking wireless technology.

Using assessment and analysis techniques, Bydand identifies the threats that expose wireless technology and implement defensive techniques that can be used to protect wireless systems.


Airborne Surveillance is a specialist skill set that requires specific knowledge, equipment, experience and training. Bydand surveillance teams have experience in both operation covert surveillance and airborne surveillance.

Our subject matter experts conduct operations from both rotary and fixed wing surveillance that work in conjunction with the ground surveillance teams or as a standalone asset working on border control or surveillance of a large area during the day or night.

Airborne surveillance requires relatively few operators to provide a very useful surveillance tool. Bydand operates from a variety of airborne surveillance assets, incorporating rotary and fixed wing platforms.


Bydand understands that a government, company, business or individual’s IT infrastructure is something that cannot afford to be compromised. Important intelligence can be lost to a criminal or terrorist group relatively quickly and simply. 
Bydand test our client’s security and expose any vulnerability from a public and/or internal network. Bydand carry out a full review, planed cyber attacks, and produce a detailed report highlighting vulnerabilities and weaknesses with associated risk levels as well as recommended remedial actions.