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Acquiring the service of a Security Chauffeur provides you with peace of mind that you are in the hands of an experienced, professional who is trained in emergency driving.

A Protection Officer can also accompany the Chauffeur upon 
request and further additional security escort vehicles with a Close Protection Team can be provided if required in order to enhance security.


Trusted Executive Security Chauffeur & Personal Protective services tailored to your requirements.

We are premium service providers for a wide range of VIPs, including corporate executives, politicians, and celebrities.
Our Protection Officers and drivers are subject to an extensive training programme which is continuous throughout their career.
Our Highly-experienced Executive Security Drivers can:

  •   Coordinate with the principal’s executive assistant on a daily    basis for travel security planning.

  • Perform security advances on all relevant venues to be visited This includes identifying routes of travel, airports, businesses, residences, and hotels.

  • Identify and coordinate with emergency services, including police, fire, ambulance services, and hospitals.

  • Provide counter surveillance for executives (principals) and other ancillary personnel during operations when manpower allows.


Our founder, a former member of the British Special Forces, has set out the criteria and standard that is required by all security operatives associated with Bydand. His unique methods and training techniques are designed and developed to effectively counter and eliminate threat if and when hostile action presents itself. These methods are adaptable to both civilian and hostile environments throughout the world and are the foundations of which are operational procedures are based. 

close Protection Operations _


We excel at offering bespoke chauffeur services and security drivers for any environment.

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