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With increasing threats on global security, incidents have undermined confidence in business travel.


While business personnel are not often directly involved in global terrorism and lone wolf attacks, they may find themselves caught up in un-foreseen situations while on their travels. The travellers main risks still lie with petty crime, road traffic accidents and health incidents. Keeping employees safe and responding to incidents are crucial to an organisation.

Organisations may face legal and financial consequences if their business travellers are involved in serious health, safety or security incidents .


Bydand can help reduce travel risk and improve your business resilience utilising technology with a tailored approach to your business objectives to protect travellers and manage emerging incidents.


The support and use of our travel safety app gives the client specific up to date reports which highlight relevant safety information and security advice for all destinations around the world. This app supports and analyse Political, Operational, Security, Travel and Terrorism risks as well as environmental concerns, logistical limitations, medical support, and cultural considerations.  

We can deliver tailored travel briefs and offer bespoke training in the way of e-learning courses or physical situational awareness training to increase personal safety awareness and build confidence when travelling. All our training is tailored to the clients requirements our security and safety officers will discuss in detail your training outcomes and requirements this to insure your traveller Safety training suits your workers needs to prepare them for the travel risks they may encounter while working away.


We offer a number of secure journey management services to mitigate travel risks to ensure employee safety this may be vetted secure transportation or airport facilitation we also offer security and medical operators to support your daily routine whilst in country.


Bydand are able to facilitate the secure movement of any personal or assets essential to your operations we can safeguard equipment, critical infrastructure and main supply routes (MSR) ensuring operations continue in the most complex environments in the world.


Bydand use a Traveller App which will support travellers globally allowing organisations to know where every traveller is at any given moment. It’s comes with an inbuilt check-in and escalation tool and a pre-determined communication structure, will ensure a robust response in the event of an emerging incident.




When you find yourself in a crisis and your emergency plan is triggered it is paramount your organisation respond quickly to support and safeguard your employees and assets.


Our crisis management team have a network of reaches globally that allows us to quickly deploy a number of resources to your requirements, including evacuation support, medical support, protection teams, asset protection operatives and secure transportation.


Our staff can be mobilised across the world to support operations, within complex environments and remote locations.


Our founder, a former member of the British Special Forces, has set out the criteria and standard that is required by all security operatives associated with Bydand. His unique methods and training techniques are designed and developed to effectively counter and eliminate threat if and when hostile action presents itself. These methods are adaptable to both civilian and hostile environments throughout the world and are the foundations of which are operational procedures are based. 

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