Mitchell, is the chief instructor at Bydand Security, where he is responsible for a full range of security, training, and consulting activities that drives the company forward. Mitchell is a high-level security practitioner and leader using proven security methods insuring the best posable transformation for our new leaders coming into the close protection sector. 

He believes that the most important piece of any training is building on the fundamentals the skills you can always rely on. He has a clear vision and meticulous eye for detail in which allows him to build and continuously improve the training process for the new generation of close protection operatives. Mitchell has an organised and methodical approach that enables the successful delivery of complex projects within schedule, at short notice.  


Mitchell has years of diverse experience within the security environment. In particular close protection. He has wide-ranging, training and operational tactical experience and has worked closely with most of the major A list celebrities in the world today. 

He is a key member of the Bydand Security management group and instrumental in the development of the training department to make it the world leading training centre in close protection today. His functional expertise lies in close protection risk and threat assessment and its mitigation, operational situation and intelligence analysis, and law within the close protection environment.