Security Chauffeur

Acquiring the service of a Security Chauffeur provides you with peace of mind that you are in the hands of an experienced, professional who is trained in emergency driving. A Protection Officer can also accompany the Chauffeur upon 

request and further more additional security escort vehicles with a Close Protection Team if required in order to enhance security.


Attention to Detail
Trusted Executive Security Chauffeur & Personal Protective services tailored to your requirements.
We are service providers for a wide range of VIPs, including corporate executives, politicians, and celebrities. Our Protection Officers and drivers are subject to an extensive training programme which is continuous throughout their career.
Our Highly-experienced Executive Security Drivers can:
·       Coordinate with the principal’s executive assistant on a daily basis for travel security planning.
·       Perform security advances on all relevant venues to be visited – this includes identifying routes of travel, airports, businesses, residences, and hotels.
·       Identify and coordinate with emergency services, including police, fire, ambulance services, and hospitals.
·       Provide counter surveillance for executives (principals) and other ancillary personnel during operations when manpower allows.
We tailor executive driver services depending on each client’s specific requirements.