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It is proposed that Secure Transport Solutions is developing a unique service that will provide specialist Mental Health secure transport services throughout the United Kingdom, as the Secure Transport Services grows and develops this service will be expanded to cover International repatriation and relocation movements / transfers.

STS is not a competitor for Local Health Board Trusts, Ambulance Trusts or Private Ambulance Service providers or any NHST throughout the UK, but will in fact compliment and provide vital transportation and logistical support to supplement the available Mental Health transport services throughout the NHS and effectively ensure that Patients / Service Users get the Continuity of Care they deserve. 

Due to either financial or budgetary restrictions, constraints or logistical reasons where the care or transportation of Patients / Prisoners / Service Users is not immediately available or prioritised within an appropriate timeline, then  BSTS can offer a highly professional dedicated transport service that will ensure that the Service Users / Patients receive immediate transport / transfer to designated Hospitals, Secure Units or Special Secure Hospitals (Ashworth, Rampton, Broadmoor or Carstairs).

Secure Transport Solutions offers a specialist High Risk Mental Health Transport which is unique as it is a Veteran lead service transporting the Individual to the appropriate / suitable place of safety or complex care provider wherever a suitable bed is located which will ensure that the ongoing continuity of care is provided. 

The benefits of utilising Our Armed Forces Veterans will be:-

  1. Provision of Employment for Our Armed Forces Veterans on leaving the services.

  2. Absolute Professionalism, Dedication and Discipline

  3. Experienced dealing with emotive situations / incidents

  4. Adaptable skillsets 

  5. Veteran skills include:-

    1. Medically trained (Army Medical Corps), CTM, RMN, RGN

    2. Trauma specialists

    3. Drivers and Crew, Logistic specialists

    4. Incident Control specialists

    5. Highly experienced in debrief and situational analysis after incidents or high-pressure emotive situations.

    6. Ability to adapt and react to situations on the ground

    7. Unquestionable Ability to act and react under pressure

    8.  Exceptional report recording skills, both verbal and written

Secure Transport Solutions will offer a dedicated service that provides Professional, Care and Support during what is a highly emotive time in any Persons Life, as well as offering support to Families, Social Services, Local Service / NHST, EDT and Hospital care providers.

The Service specialises in the movement and care of Vulnerable Children, Adolescents and Adults within the Mental Health, Social and Welfare state. We will work on behalf of all Local Authority Social Service Departments, Emergency Duty Teams (EDT), Youth Offending Teams (YOT), Community and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) throughout the UK.

All services listed below are accessible via the 24/7 dedicated service line, thus ensuring an effective, efficient and timely response to meet the service user / patient’s needs. • Transfers to and from Secure Units • Court appearances • Transportation of Mental health and Neuro-disability patients • Transportation of Adults with Learning Difficulties • Change of placement • Bed and Cell watch • Transport to and from Pupil Referral Units • Return Mental Health service Patient absconders • Repatriation to Country of Domicile • Returning People in crisis to the UK• Supervised visits to home, dentists, hospital, Funerals and solicitors / Legal etc, Arbitration and section appeal hearings


                  "STS Ethos is that we pride ourselves on providing exceptional specialist service"

Abbreviations used in the document

  1. STS = Secure Transport Solutions

  2. NHST = National Health Service Trust

  3. MHU = Mental Health Unit

  4. EDT = Emergency Duty Team

  5. LHBT = Local Health Board Trust

  6. CAMHS = Community and Mental Health Services

  7. RMN = Registered Mental Health Nurse 

  8. RGN = Registered General Nurse

  9. CTM = Combat Team Medic


Veteran lead services are based on ex:

  1. Ex-Armed Forces Personnel 

  2. Retired Police Officers

  3. Retired Ambulance Services, Frontline and 999 Call Handlers

  4. Retired Firefighters

  5. Ex-Emergency First Responders

Specialist Call Centre handlers (Samaritans etc)


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VAT Registration: 345022239

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